ALBUM - Beete Pal

A Personal Note From the Artist                                                                               


"Beete Pal" in Hindi literally means "moments that have passed".

It has taken me over 5 years to complete this album. With the years of struggle, hardwork, agony and ecstasy, I am right now filled with not just a great sense of relief but also a deep sense of reverence and gratitude towards life and all that it has taught me. I dedicate this album to the Divinity called Music, to all the people who have been a part of my life, from whom I have learnt to live and to love. Every song is a snapshot of my heart, soul and mind, frozen in time and space. It is my humble way of giving back to life, with love..

I am honored to have some incredible musicians playing on the record, who have generously contributed their time and talent. Without them the album would not have sounded the same...

 Kai EckhardtPrasanna
Michael Pope

 Atma Anur Ed DeGenaro Sanjay Divecha


 Steve ZerlinVivek Rajagopal
Marc Layton-Bennett 


 Love and Peace,
Nandini Srikar